In each masterclass, Angel helps you see yourself, your life and your circumstances from a place of power and possibilities. Her students have transformed their mind, body, relationships, finances and more by doing the work here in the masterclass vault. Don't wait- grab your downloads now and get started today!

  • Learn how to step into the identify of the woman you need to be NOW to get what you want, need and deserve.

  • Learn how to let go and heal from everything that tried to take you out.

  • Learn how to unlock and unleash the greatness that already on the inside of you.

  • Learn how to overcome self-sabotage and strong holds that keep you from loving yourself.

  • Learn how to let go of anything and everything that has you suffering, settling or staying stuck.

  • And so much more!


Each class includes 1-3 hours of life changing insight, instruction & inspiration on how to become your best self and live your best life- the clutter free way!

  • 1

    The Power of I" Creating Lasting Change

    • The Power of I: Creating Lasting Change
  • 2

    Declutter Your Defaults

    • Decluttering Your Defaults
  • 3

    Clearing the Drama & Healing the Trauma

    • Clearing the Drama & Healing the Trauma
  • 4

    The Power of You

    • The Power of You Masterclass
  • 5

    The Power of Self Love

    • The Power of Self Love Pt 1
    • The Power of Self Love Pt2
    • The Power of Self Love Pt 3
    • The Power of Self Love Pt 4
  • 6

    The Power of Letting Go

    • The Power of Letting Go
    • The Power of Letting Go Part 2
  • 7

    The Power of Discomfort

    • The Power of Discomfort
  • 8

    The Power of Growth

    • The Power of Growth Masterclass
  • 9

    The Power of Repetition

    • The Power of Repetition Masterclass
  • 10

    The Power of Gratitude

    • The Power of Gratitude
  • 11

    My New Season

    • New Season Masterclass Part 1
    • New Season Masterclass Part 2
    • New Season Masterclass Part 3
  • 12

    Clutter Free Love

    • Clutter Free Love Masterclass 2018
  • 13

    Relationship Masterclass

    • Relationship Masterclass
  • 14

    Bitter. Broken. Breakthrough.

    • Bitter.Broken.Breakthrough.Masterclass
  • 15

    Emotions Evolved

    • Emotions Evolved
  • 16

    Loving You & Your Decisions

    • Love Yourself & Your Decisions
  • 17

    Spiritually Satisfied

    • Spiritually Satisfied
  • 18

    Clutter Free Goals

    • Clutter Free Goals Masterclass
  • 19

    Taking the Leap

    • Taking The Leap Masterclass
  • 20

    June is the New January

    • June is the New January Restarting Your Year
    • June is the New January Reinvent Your Life 2018
    • June is the New January Getting What You Want, Need & Deserve
  • 21

    Push, Press & Prosper on Purpose

    • Push, Press & Prosper on Purpose

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Angel Richards

Life Coach, Author, Entrepreneur

Angel Richards

Angel Richards is a mother of 4, life coach, educator, and entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Helping Others Transform, a lifestyle empowerment company dedicated to helping women de-clutter their lives, create breakthroughs and become unstoppable. She is also the leader of the #clutterfree movement that has women worldwide focused on having unlimited clarity, undeniable confidence, and unshakable courage so they can move past their hurts, habits, and hang-ups in life & love. Angel then founded Clutter Free Society to provide classes, coaching and a community of like-minded women who are committed to working on themselves and winning every single day. She is a sought after life coach that has helped thousands of women transform their lives from clutter to clarity. She is also the author of the transformative self-help book Clutter to Clarity: A Simple Guide to Decluttering Your Life, Reaching Your Goals & Living Your Dreams and creator of the Clutter Free 90 Day Clarity Planner.

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